Traveling Appetites

Two nomads adventure-ing around the world, one bite at a time.

Cooking a Whole Fish: A Conquered Fear

Last week Adrienne confessed that we never overcame our fear of buying a whole fish at the local market during our time in Split, Croatia. As most of you know, I’m quite stubborn and don’t like to admit defeat. It just so happened, I’d taken a personal day from work. I decided to put it […]

Leaving Croatia, Bringing Croatian Food With Me

Leaving Croatia, Bringing Croatian Food With Me

I didn’t realize how accustomed I’d become to America’s deluge of food choices until we arrived in Split, Croatia. In Brooklyn, my corner bodega helped me concoct Korean, Mexican, and Japanese-inspired meals. Our six weeks living and working in Split has almost exclusively involved eating Croatian food. We shop at the greenmarket, the butcher, the […]

Split: A City of Sandwiches

Joe and I are currently living and working remotely from Split, Croatia. The coastal city is built on olive oil, espresso and wine, fresh pasta, squid and sea bass and ‘shells’ galore from the Adriatic sea, aged cheeses from sheep set free across salt-kissed grasses. And I can’t stop thinking about sandwiches. It all started […]

Settling Into Split, Croatia: Our Visits to the Greenmarket

Visiting the farmers’ market is one of my favorite weekly rituals, wherever we’re living. When I lived in Brooklyn, I shopped for weekly groceries each Saturday at Grand Army Plaza. In Montreal, we took long weekend bike rides to Jean-Talon for cherries and nectarines. In Portland, Maine, it was a quick stroll to Deering Oaks […]

My favorite spot in New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood: Satsuma Coffee

Coffee Shopping at Bywater’s Satsuma Cafe

Joe and I have always loved working from coffee shops. When we first arrived in New York City in 2010, coffee shopping over the weekends became our favorite way to explore new neighborhoods — that and uncovering the best dollar slice spots. Sometimes we’d bring a book and read. Sometimes we’d catch up on work. […]