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My Favorite Block in all of Bologna, Italy

As Adrienne wrote last week, the best way to eat in Italy is to find your own “special places” and make it your own.

Don’t head there with a to-do list of the best restaurants, cafes, and trattorias. Every corner offers a unique experience that can’t be portrayed on TripAdvisor or Yelp. You have to get out there and feel it yourself, and discover your own experiences.

What better way to show everyone our special places, than with a video of us walking down our favorite block in the entire city? Here’s Adrienne narrating all the local stops on Via Collegio di Spagna, the block that connected our apartment to the city center.


And a run-down of each place Adrienne mentioned:

  1. Our favorite Salumeria, with the best Bolognese cutlets: Antica Salumeria e Gastronomia Rosa
  2. The always-packed trattoria that we never made it to: Trattoria Collegio di Spagna
  3. Our local to-go pizza joint: Ristorante Il Tari’
  4. An artist’s studio with handmade, large-scale paper flowers: Michela Gazziero
  5. Gyoza. In Italy! Sentaku Gyoza Bar
  6. Some fresh squeezed juice to pretend we were eating healthy: Dottor Juice
  7. The most inventive cocktails I’ve ever seen: Very Nice Cocktail Bar Bologna
  8. Coffee in the morning and aperitivos in the evening: Café de la Paix

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