Adrienne Smith and Joe Masilotti

Cooking in a Traveling Kitchen: Roast Chicken

Market dinners, as we called them, constituted dinner most nights of a two-week vacation in France this May — first with my Aunt Adrienne in Brittany, then with her family and Joe joining in Paris. In Paris, the six of us gathered whatever breads, cheeses, olives, tapenades, and other goodies had struck our eye. We’d make […]

Cooking a Whole Fish: A Conquered Fear

Last week Adrienne confessed that we never overcame our fear of buying a whole fish at the local market during our time in Split, Croatia. As most of you know, I’m quite stubborn and don’t like to admit defeat. It just so happened, I’d taken a personal day from work. I decided to put it […]

Sunday Gravy (on a Thursday)

Last week I got a hankering for some good, old-fashioned Italian gravy. You know, the red kind. Thing is, my mom keeps her recipe quite guarded. Our conversations usually go something like this. Joe: How do you make your gravy? Mom: Oh, just some tomatoes, seasoning, and homemade meatballs. Joe: OK… How many tomatoes? What […]

Pork Shank Easy Osso Bucco Recipe

Uncovering the Osso Buco Secret

Osso buco has always felt like this big secret I’m not in on. Finding veal or pork shanks. Committing to a long, slow braise. Pronouncing the fancy name. All this time, I’ve been under the impression that the dish required precision, patience, and less of a recipe than a feeling. I’ve thought about cooking it […]