Hello there!

I’m Adrienne Smith. After seven years in New York City, my partner in crime Joe and I found ourselves in a unique position: We both held jobs that could be done anywhere. Joe, as an iOS developer for the remote-first company BeerMenus. Myself, working independently as a marketing and content strategy consultant.

So We Decided To Hit The Road

Becoming digital nomads — or, people who work remotely from anywhere — took almost six months. Packing up our Brooklyn apartment. Gearing up my new gig. Saying good-bye to friends and family. Deciding where to travel to first.

We finally got started in July 2017. For now, we’re spending about a month in each new place. We’ve driven slowly from Montreal down to New Orleans. We’ve weaved our way across Europe, from Croatia to the UK. Who knows where we’ll go after that?

I’m Documenting Our Culinary Adventures Along The Way

Traveling Appetites came about as a way to document our new life for friends and family. I’m a writer and content strategist; I wanted an outlet to share my own stories, in addition to helping brands share theirs.

Food has always guided our travels. This new life as digital nomads is no different. I’ll share the culinary adventures that shape my nomad experience: The local food histories, the neighborhood farmers’ markets, standout discoveries, and the recipes these travels inspire.

Want To Follow Along?

You can also keep up with my adventures, culinary and otherwise, on Twitter and Instagram.