Adrienne Smith and Joe Masilotti

Cooking in a Traveling Kitchen: Roast Chicken

Market dinners, as we called them, constituted dinner most nights of a two-week vacation in France this May — first with my Aunt Adrienne in Brittany, then with her family and Joe joining in Paris. In Paris, the six of us gathered whatever breads, cheeses, olives, tapenades, and other goodies had struck our eye. We’d make […]

How we decide where to travel next at digital nomads

Life On The Road: Deciding Where We Travel Next

Since Joe and I started traveling full-time while working remotely, we’ve gotten the same question again and again: How do you pick where to go? I wish the answer was as simple as “Wherever we want!” How much fun would it be to close your eyes, point to a map, and head to that destination […]

Klunkerkranich in Berlin, Germany

Q&A: Looking Back On A Year On The Road

Late last June, Joe and I packed up our Brooklyn apartment. We stored everything in the basement of Joe’s parents’ house (thanks Kathy and John!). And we hit the road. So far, we’ve spent four to six weeks each in:  Montreal, Canada Portland, Maine Nashville, TN New Orleans, LA Split, Croatia Bologna, Italy Berlin, Germany London, […]

The Magic of Bologna, Italy: Making It Your Own

It’s our last week in Bologna, Italy, where Joe and I have lived and worked remotely for six weeks. We chose Bologna over other Italian cities for a few reasons. Bologna is University city — housing the oldest in the Western World! — and so it’s also home to good WiFi and libraries. It’s relatively unknown to […]

On Traveling Solo

I sprung for my first solo vacation exactly two years ago: A week biking through Provence in April. The idea itself was first planted in summer 2009, after reading Seeing Provence From the Slow Lane on my dad’s couch, fresh into my first unpaid internship and my final summer break before college graduation. That 2016 […]

Making Fresh Pasta with Cook With Us In Rome

Between settling into a new home and a particularly busy time at work, the past week felt grueling. This Easter weekend has been a welcome chance to catch a breath and continue exploring Bologna, Italy, where Joe and I are ‘living’ through April. We spent this Easter Sunday hiking up to the Sanctuary of Madonna […]

Leaving Croatia, Bringing Croatian Food With Me

Leaving Croatia, Bringing Croatian Food With Me

I didn’t realize how accustomed I’d become to America’s deluge of food choices until we arrived in Split, Croatia. In Brooklyn, my corner bodega helped me concoct Korean, Mexican, and Japanese-inspired meals. Our six weeks living and working in Split has almost exclusively involved eating Croatian food. We shop at the greenmarket, the butcher, the […]

Split: A City of Sandwiches

Joe and I are currently living and working remotely from Split, Croatia. The coastal city is built on olive oil, espresso and wine, fresh pasta, squid and sea bass and ‘shells’ galore from the Adriatic sea, aged cheeses from sheep set free across salt-kissed grasses. And I can’t stop thinking about sandwiches. It all started […]

Settling Into Split, Croatia: Our Visits to the Greenmarket

Visiting the farmers’ market is one of my favorite weekly rituals, wherever we’re living. When I lived in Brooklyn, I shopped for weekly groceries each Saturday at Grand Army Plaza. In Montreal, we took long weekend bike rides to Jean-Talon for cherries and nectarines. In Portland, Maine, it was a quick stroll to Deering Oaks […]