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Making Fresh Pasta with Cook With Us In Rome

Between settling into a new home and a particularly busy time at work, the past week felt grueling. This Easter weekend has been a welcome chance to catch a breath and continue exploring Bologna, Italy, where Joe and I are ‘living’ through April.

We spent this Easter Sunday hiking up to the Sanctuary of Madonna di San Luca. The Bologna streets are lined with porticos, the longest of which crawls two miles uphill to the church. That way, the Bolognese could walk to church each Sunday undisturbed by rain or strong sun. Although I’d worry more about the hike itself, than the weather.

We’re recovering from the climb up — and down — by making fresh cavatelli pasta and vodka sauce at home tonight. A slow end to a restorative weekend.

We finally learned how to make fresh pasta two weeks ago, in Rome, when attending Cook With Us in Rome. Cooking classes have become my favorite way to explore a new city. The teacher is often born and raised from the area. The food is always representative of the local culture. We learn local history and gather restaurant recommendations.

On the menu for our class with Cook With Us in Rome:

  • Roman artichokes
  • Fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies
  • Fresh cavatelli with broccoli and goat cheese
  • Fresh fettuccine with tomato sauce
  • Tiramisu

Here are some of my favorite moments from the cooking class.

For our class in Rome, we met at the morning market in Campo di Fiori. The instructor walked us through the day’s ingredients. But I couldn’t stop staring at the artichoke wizard. He trimmed and cleaned those beauties every 30 seconds or so.
When we arrived to the studio, the sous chefs were ready and waiting for us. We each had our own cooking station.
The studio felt like a home; it was packed with beautiful little details.

This singlehandedly set off my Italian artichoke craze. I’m averaging around one a day. No shame.

The orange-est yolk I ever did see. This turned into the dough for fettuccine.
Rolling out the fettuccine was a team effort
The tomato sauce was the first thing we started and the last thing we finished. Pounds upon pounds of tomatoes cooked down for hours.
Cooking break!
Joe got a preview taste of the tiramisu filling.

We ended the day with a long lunch around the table with the fellow class attendees. It was a perfect introduction to Rome, where we just spent a long weekend. And it’s a memory we’re excited to revisit again tonight, with dinner.

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  1. Your love of artichokes is an inherited taste from your mother’s side of the family! We all love them — any way — hot, cold –with sauces or with just butter or mayonnaise. I wish I could clean one in 30 seconds….

  2. What an amazing experience, and your pictures illustrate it so well! Thank you for sharing. Wonder if you would consider a cookbook that includes the recipes you learn and pictures you take during your travels? Xoxo

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