Traveling Appetites

Two nomads adventure-ing around the world, one bite at a time.

Exploring Nashville, the Slow Way

Now that we’re a solid four months into our digital nomad adventure — we’re working remotely and visiting a new city every month or so — we’ve learned a few key lessons in how to best approach this adventure of ours. One of the biggest learnings is that, to us, our concept of ‘balance’ will shift with […]

One Weekend in Portland, Maine

Jess and Brian joined Adrienne and I on our adventure for the weekend. We ferried over to Peaks Island where we rented a golf cart and looped it twice in a few hours. Yeah, it’s pretty small. There’s also an old fort, Battery Steele, on the north end which is covered in beautiful greenery and graffiti. Just […]

Stocking Our Traveling Nomad Kitchen

Of all the things we packed up when we jumped into this nomad adventure, our kitchen was the hardest. By the time we left Brooklyn earlier this year, we’d built up such a store of pans, knives, equipment, cookbooks, and spices that Joe was storing his bread making equipment in our laundry closet down the […]

Street art in Montreal's Le Plateau

Home, For A Little While: Our Local Guide to Montreal

We’re already saying farewell to Montreal tomorrow, after kicking off our nomadic adventure here earlier this month. Between adjusting to this new life of ours and witnessing the past month’s news cycle, it’s been a whirlwind. The news cycle has scared, angered, and saddened me daily — I’ve also felt somewhat removed from the goings […]

Sunday Gravy (on a Thursday)

Last week I got a hankering for some good, old-fashioned Italian gravy. You know, the red kind. Thing is, my mom keeps her recipe quite guarded. Our conversations usually go something like this. Joe: How do you make your gravy? Mom: Oh, just some tomatoes, seasoning, and homemade meatballs. Joe: OK… How many tomatoes? What […]

Visiting Montreal's Jean-Talon Market in Summertime

A Summertime Visit to Montreal’s Jean Talon Market

This past weekend, two weeks into our August stay in Montreal, Joe and I decided we’d waited long enough. We could finally revisit our Montreal favorites from our 2012 stay. Returning to the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal’s Little Italy neighborhood was at the top of our list. The outdoor market is massive: the produce stalls […]

Pork Shank Easy Osso Bucco Recipe

Uncovering the Osso Buco Secret

Osso buco has always felt like this big secret I’m not in on. Finding veal or pork shanks. Committing to a long, slow braise. Pronouncing the fancy name. All this time, I’ve been under the impression that the dish required precision, patience, and less of a recipe than a feeling. I’ve thought about cooking it […]