My Favorite Block in all of Bologna, Italy

As Adrienne wrote last week, the best way to eat in Italy is to find your own “special places” and make it your own. Don’t head there with a to-do list of the best restaurants, cafes, and trattorias. Every corner offers a unique experience that can’t be portrayed on TripAdvisor or Yelp. You have to […]

Cooking a Whole Fish: A Conquered Fear

Last week Adrienne confessed that we never overcame our fear of buying a whole fish at the local market during our time in Split, Croatia. As most of you know, I’m quite stubborn and don’t like to admit defeat. It just so happened, I’d taken a personal day from work. I decided to put it […]

One Weekend in Portland, Maine

Jess and Brian joined Adrienne and I on our adventure for the weekend. We ferried over to Peaks Island where we rented a golf cart and looped it twice in a few hours. Yeah, it’s pretty small. There’s also an old fort, Battery Steele, on the north end which is covered in beautiful greenery and graffiti. Just […]

Sunday Gravy (on a Thursday)

Last week I got a hankering for some good, old-fashioned Italian gravy. You know, the red kind. Thing is, my mom keeps her recipe quite guarded. Our conversations usually go something like this. Joe: How do you make your gravy? Mom: Oh, just some tomatoes, seasoning, and homemade meatballs. Joe: OK… How many tomatoes? What […]