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One Weekend in Portland, Maine

Jess and Brian joined Adrienne and I on our adventure for the weekend. We ferried over to Peaks Island where we rented a golf cart and looped it twice in a few hours. Yeah, it’s pretty small. There’s also an old fort, Battery Steele, on the north end which is covered in beautiful greenery and graffiti. Just don’t try and walk through the pitch-black hallways, it is quite easy to get spooked by other visitors. Not saying that from experience, or anything…

Back in Portland we visited a few breweries, including some outdoor games at Rising Tide Brewing. Jess was feeling good but missed her workout for the weekend, so she got in a few reps power-cleaning some truck bumpers.

As I’ve said at least once, “a weekend without donuts is a weekend wasted”. We grabbed a six pack from The Holy Donut and scarfed them down on a nearby bench: we tried Maine Apples, Maple, and Cheddar Jalapeño, just to name a few. Sorry, no pictures, they were gone too quickly. A nice light snack before heading to Duck Fat for brunch!

We finished off the weekend with dinner at a seafood joint, Eventide, that specializes in fresh oysters and brown butter lobster rolls. The cooked fat adds a new dimension to the traditional lobster roll – extra rich flavor, instead of the tang from mayo. The lobster sits atop steamed pork bun style buns, light, airy, and doughy. These are “order a second round” good – and we happily obliged.

Panorama of Peaks Island

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  1. That fried chicken sandwich looks AMAZING. And a weekend without doughnuts is a weekend wasted-I say that just about every weekend-so you’re 100% right on that. No wonder we’re related.

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