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My favorite spot in New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood: Satsuma Coffee

Coffee Shopping at Bywater’s Satsuma Cafe

Joe and I have always loved working from coffee shops. When we first arrived in New York City in 2010, coffee shopping over the weekends became our favorite way to explore new neighborhoods — that and uncovering the best dollar slice spots. Sometimes we’d bring a book and read. Sometimes we’d catch up on work. Once, over the course of six months, we built an iPhone app.

Now that I work independently and outside of an office, coffee shopping isn’t relegated to the weekends. During our time in New Orleans, for instance, I’ve spent most Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning working from Satsuma Coffee in the Bywater neighborhood. I’m sitting here now, typing up this post.

Satsuma is around the corner from our apartment and, I’ll admit it, I’m a little in love with the place.  It has everything I’m partial to when coffee shopping: big mugs of strong coffee, plenty of tables, an outdoor space for nice days, fast WiFi, and incredible breakfast options.

Oh, the food. Their rotating menu has meant we never get sick of their breakfast choices. We’ve devoured their bacon, egg, cheese on a Southern biscuit after late nights. Gone ‘classic’ which, here, means eggs your way with black beans and corn tortillas. We order Satsuma’s daily scramble with rotating ingredients more often than not: today’s includes cherry tomato, bacon, and provolone, with a fat biscuit alongside it.

Satsuma is cozy and eclectic and even a little bit creepy, the way all New Orleans buildings are. Its colorful exterior is casually peeling and eclectic props fill its outer courtyard. Its floors are scuffed; old mirrors and paintings cover the interior brick walls. I’ll miss mornings here dearly.


Satsuma Coffee in the Bywater




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