How we decide where to travel next at digital nomads

Life On The Road: Deciding Where We Travel Next

Since Joe and I started traveling full-time while working remotely, we’ve gotten the same question again and again: How do you pick where to go? I wish the answer was as simple as “Wherever we want!” How much fun would it be to close your eyes, point to a map, and head to that destination […]

Klunkerkranich in Berlin, Germany

Q&A: Looking Back On A Year On The Road

Late last June, Joe and I packed up our Brooklyn apartment. We stored everything in the basement of Joe’s parents’ house (thanks Kathy and John!). And we hit the road. So far, we’ve spent four to six weeks each in:  Montreal, Canada Portland, Maine Nashville, TN New Orleans, LA Split, Croatia Bologna, Italy Berlin, Germany London, […]

Planning Our Digital Nomad Path in 2018

My 2017 goal has been to enjoy living with the unknown, rather than jumping to solve for it. I wanted our nomadic adventure to push us to exist in the now. I wanted us to take a breath, look around, and go in whatever direction we see fit. Doing so is a challenge. I’m a […]